What’s all this?

It’s a blog of information that might be useful to someone, somewhere (all of it was useful to me at some point in time). A few posts come from a blog that I kept for many years at various locations, most recently at blog.bombast.net. After 10 years of posting (and in the end, almost a year of total neglect), I figured it would make sense to salvage the stuff that mattered and kill off the rest.

It’s possibly worth pointing out that this really isn’t a “blog” as such – there’s no specific topic here and frankly, I don’t really have the commitment it takes to write things regularly enough to keep it interesting as a blog ought to be. I’ve tried to write “on topic” before and all I ended up with was a bunch of drafts that never got finished!

To all those who actually keep an up-to-date personal blog (and make it last for longer than 12 months), I’m thoroughly impressed at your tenacity! In this day and age of Facebook and Google+, the idea of writing more than a few lines about what I’m doing distresses me greatly. 😉

– zac.