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Cookie Policy

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Cookies are used on this site to help remember preferences and to better understand the content you’re interested in. This page details the cookies we set and, for optional cookies – how to opt out.

For more information about the types of information we collect and how we handle that data, you should read our Privacy Policy.

Here’s some information on the cookies we use, broken out by vendor:


comment_author*347 daysIf you opt in when adding a comment, three cookies are added that allow the browser to remember your details next time you write a comment
mc_session_ids*30 minutesSix cookies are added by our “captcha” system to prevent comment spam – these cookies do not contain any personal information


tvid2 yearsContains an anonymous identifier
utag_main1 yearContains several built-in values that keep track of your session
CONSENTMGR90 daysUsed to honour your choices for functionality from third-party vendors


cookieconsent_status2 yearsUsed to honour your choices for functionality from third-party vendors


uvc1 dayUsed to understand which content you share with your social networks
__cfduid1 monthUsed to understand which content you share with your social networks


IDE2 yearsUsed to understand which ads you’ve seen as you browse the web
DSID1 dayUsed to help deliver relevant ads

In addition, there are a number of third-party cookies set on the domain from other ad vendors (including DoubleClick, PubMatic, OpenX, Amobee and others). Google AdSense allows these vendors to bid on the advertising space available on this site.

Because the vendor list is dynamic, it’s impossible to specify exactly which cookies will be added – however all of these ad vendor cookies are used to determine which ads you’ve seen across multiple websites, in order to show you relevant ads (and avoid showing you the same thing too many times).

What Can I Opt Out Of?

Cookies listed in the WordPress section above are considered functional cookies and cannot be opted out of.

Cookies listed in the Tealium and Osano sections above are important cookies (particularly for the privacy-conscious, these cookies control whether advertising cookies are set or not). While we don’t provide a specific method for opting out of these cookies, you can block them using an Ad Blocker.

In the interests of transparency – Tealium creates an anonymous identifier and that information is sent to Tealium’s servers, however opting out will prevent that data from being sent anywhere else.

All other cookies can be opted out of as follows:

Opting Out

To opt out, hover your mouse over the ‘Privacy & Cookies’ pop-up at the bottom-right of the browser window and select ‘Decline’.